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The Association of Comprehensive Studies for
Independence of the Lew Chewan peoples

       ... By gaining independence from Japan and removing all military bases from our islands we Lew Chewan wish to achieve our long sought-after goal of becoming a sovereign island of peace and hope that exists in friendship with other countries, regions and nations of the world. ... We do not hesitate at the possibility of independence, but want to take it seriously as both an object of study and a political project. We wish to address both for ourselves and others the questions related to making an independent Lew Chew a reality. What are the steps we need to undergo to realize this aim? What kind of decolonizing processes have been taken by other colonies around the world? What kind of economic policies should be in place before and after independence has been achieved? We will multilaterally and comprehensively study and discuss politics, public administration, international relations, prescriptive concept of the Lew Chewan people, identity, language revitalization, language right, art, education, gender, public welfare, environment, discrimination against minorities, issues of disparity, settler colonialism, and more. We will also conduct human resource development for the independence of the Lew Chew. ...  Based on these collaborations of scholarship we will also participate in forums and commissions of the United Nations, international conferences, in order to carry out a movement aimed at Lew Chewan independence. ...

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A report by ACSILs for 
 Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), 
 United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)
 (Submitted on 22 March 2017)
 Universal Periodic Review (UPR), 28th Session (6-17 November 2017)
 Stakeholders’ Submission on: Human Rights Situation in Japan

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 Contributions for the Summary of Stakeholder's information



How to Join ACSILs
    Please contact the executive office whose contact information is shown below.
    Please note that the only Lew Chewan peoples who trace their ethnic roots to the islands of the Ryukyus and who aspire after independence of Ryukyu can be a member of the ACSILs.
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About ACSILs
    *Charter ---> Please see the top of this page.
    *Executive Committee ---> Yasukatsu MATSUSHIMA, Midori TERUYA, Masaki TOMOCHI,
                                                       Kazuhiko TOBARU, and Shinako OYAKAWA
    *Contact (the executive office)
            Address: #5517, 2-6-1 Ginowan
                               Ginowan city, Ryukyu (Okinawa) 901-2701  (Japan)
            Voice: +81-50-3383-2609 (Please leave your message.)
            Fax: +81-50-3383-2609
            Email: info@acsils.org
Academic Meetings
     *2013 ---> 1st meeting: 2013.10.26-27 @ Okinawa University in Naha City
     *2014 ---> 2nd meeting: 2014.02.22-23 @ Painagama Hall in Miyako Island
     *2014 ---> 3rd meeting: 2014.12.20-21 @ Okinawa International Univ. in Ginowan City
     *2015 ---> 4th meeting: 2015.03.14-15 @ Meio Univ. in Nago City
     *2015 ---> 5th meeting: 2015.10.24-25 @ Ishigaki Civic Hall in Ishigaki Island
     *2016 ---> 6th meeting: 2016.03.12-13 @ Okinawa International University in Ginowan City
     *2016 ---> 7th meeting: 2016.12.03-04 @ Okinawa International University in Ginoon
     *2017 ---> 8th meeting: 2017.03.11-12 @ Okinawa International University in Ginoon
     *2017 ---> 9th meeting: 2017.10.21-22 @ Okinawa International University in Ginoon

Events & Symposium
     *2013 ---> 2013.04.27 (flyer)
     *2013 ---> 2013.05.15 (flyer)  (Movie)
     *2013 ---> 2013.10.27 (flyer)
     *2014 ---> 2014.02.22 (flyer)
     *2014 ---> 2014.05.25 (flyer)
     *2014 ---> 2014.10.26 (flyer)
     *2014 ---> 2014.12.20 & 21 (flyer)
     *2015 ---> 2015.03.14  (flyer)
     *2015 ---> 2015.05.16  (flyer)
     *2015 ---> 2015.09.26 - 28  (flyer)
           ACSILs holds forum on Ryukyu independence in New York  ---> RS
     *2015 ---> 2015.10.24  (flyer)
     *2016 ---> 2016.03.12  (flyer)
     *2016 ---> 2016.05.22  (flyer)
     *2016 ---> 2016.10.27-29 (flyer)
     *2016 ---> 2016.12.03  (flyer)
     *2017 ---> 2017.03.11 (flyer)
     *2017 ---> 2017.10.22 (flyer)

    *Academic Journal (vol. 03)   Keywords & Abstracts
          ACSILs Vol.03 a.pdf            ACSILs Vol.03 b.pdf
    *Academic Journal (vol. 02)   Keywords & Abstracts
          ACSILs Vol.02 a.pdf            ACSILs Vol.02 b.pdf
    *Academic Journal (vol. 01)   Keywords & Abstracts


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